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Hi! I’m Daniel and this is my blog where you can find everything related to learning piano. Like any beginner, my story of starting with the piano is not the easy one. When I started out, I really struggled to learn it because I was not aware of the basics and lacked proper guidance and direction. I used to find it very confusing initially and in addition to that there were hardly any resources available at that time on the Internet and very few piano lessons that were not enough to teach me the techniques.  Overall, I had a hard time researching and learning about the basics of piano.

Even though I was struggling, I didn’t lose hope as I was determined to learn my favourite piece of instrument. I was long delaying my lessons in piano already and it took a back seat when I got busy with other priorities in my life. However, I was driven and had conviction to progress in my lessons and keep learning the basics and techniques in piano in a step-by-step manner. No matter how tired I was after my daily duties, I would take out time to practice for a few hours daily. It didn’t matter whether I was improving at a slow or fast speed but I would say I was consistent in my efforts.

Once I started playing pretty decently, I thought of sharing whatever I had learned up until now with fellow beginner’s and people who were finding it hard to find online lessons or reliable sources for that matter. I can completely relate to the struggle that people go through when they start learning piano and especially when they cannot find relevant help or guidance in the right direction. Keeping this in mind, I planned to create a website that would contain A-Z of learning piano. With this, I hope the beginners who aspire to play this instrument and are ready to face the hardships in learning it would be able to resonate with my blog and make a continuous practice to improve on a daily basis even if the progress is slow.

On a website, you will find everything right from tips, tricks, basics of chords, and songs that are easy to learn for the beginners. My main motive behind this blog is to make sure that people who want to learn do not have to go through the same struggle as I did and can seek relevant information from my blog and hopefully learn quicker than I did.

So, if you are looking for quick beginner lessons in piano and want to ace at your skills, then do check out my tips and tricks. I’m sure that you will surely find my lessons useful as I will make you understand piano right from its very first chord to how you can play some easy songs as a beginner.

If you like to read my blogs or want to send in some suggestions or questions, please go ahead and I will look forward for your response.

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